Surgical Technologist (Scrub Tech)

Location: San Diego, CA
Date Posted: 12-11-2012

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This position is primarily responsible for preparing the operating room by setting up the equipment and sterilizing tools that are necessary for the operation. They are also responsible for making sure all equipment is working properly which may involve the assembly of some materials. They also prepare the patient for surgery by washing, shaving and disinfecting areas for operation. In some instances, they may also transport patients, observe vital signs, check charts, and assist the surgical team in dressing for the surgery.

In the process of surgery, this position is responsible for passing instruments and supplies to the surgeon. After the completion of an operation, this position may help to transport the patient back to the recovery room, assist in assuring comfort and then they are responsible for the cleaning, maintenance, and sterilization of the operating room, to prepare for the next surgery.

This position may also be helpful in assisting with laboratory analysis. In this process, they properly care for and dispose of items that require lab work. They are not qualified to perform any of the laboratory tests, but aid in recording data and preparing specimens for examination.

Job Requirements

1. Minimum 1 - 3 experience
2. Familiarity with retractors, cut sutures, sponges, needles, supplies and other sterilized instruments
3. High School Diploma

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